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2 Piece "Partners in Crime" Pendant Necklaces For Best Friends

2 Piece "Partners in Crime" Pendant Necklaces For Best Friends

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Have that one person who can always draw the mischief out of you? Our top sellingĀ "Partners In Crime" best friends necklace set symbolizes that bond in the perfect way.Ā This beautiful humorous 2 piece pistolĀ & bulletĀ set is essential for those besties that need one another to function!

Commemorate all those times you got into trouble and the friendship that lasted through it all! Keep one for yourself and give one away to your crimey!Ā Highly Instagrammable!

Whats Included:

  • Silver plated
  • Set of 2Ā Half Heart Pendants
  • 1 with gun
  • 1 with bullet
  • "Partners In Crime" engraving
  • Great for lovers, parents & best friends

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