The Best Gift Ideas Under $100 For Him Or Her For 2021/2022

Best Christmas gifts for couples 2022

The Best Affordable Gifts Ideas For Him Or Her - Holiday Season 2021/2022 (Custom Jewelry)!

It’s late fall, holiday season 2021/2022 is finally upon us! That means Christmas, New Years and Valentine’s Day (all holidays prime for gifting) are on the horizon. This is the time of year that people spend hours googling “the best gift ideas for him”, “the best gift ideas for her” or “affordable gift ideas” and just end up buying them underwear out of frustration.

Jewelry. There’s not too many gifts that you can’t go wrong with for both genders, and jewelry is one of them. It can be sentimental, fashionable, classy or flashy. It’s something that can be used daily and the right jewelry compliments multiple looks. There’s feminine jewelry, masculine jewelry and jewelry that appeals to all.

With that said, we’ve compiled a few of the best trendy and classic jewelry ideas for 2021 and 2022 under $100! From necklaces to custom keychains, this high quality great gifts range from $29.99 to $99.99, and will pay you back with priceless appreciation.



Let her know that she's always in your heart, with this Name Pendant & Heart Accent Necklace


Show both sides of your love with the Rotating heart pendant


Honor the medical heroes in your life with this Custom Name, Heartbeat & Stethoscope Necklace For Nurses


Showcase your eternal bonds on your finger with this Custom Double Name Ring


Honor the day that changed your life with the Custom Birthdate & Heartbeat Necklace, perfect for mothers!


In the dog house? She will love this Love Birds Custom Two Name Necklace with date!




This Custom Dog Tag Picture Pendant Necklace is a classic masculine way to honor your loved ones, fallen and present.


Men love deals! Capture two memories in one with this Custom Rotating Two-Sided Photo Pendant


A classic masculine accessory! The Initial Letter Pendant Necklace.


The classic Anhk Life Pendant Necklace.


The champagne of mens jewelry, the classic Miami Cuban Link Necklace



Carry the memory with you with the Custom Laser Cut Picture and Text Keychain


A great fashion accessory, the classic Hamsa Hand Pendant Necklace


Anothe great fashion accessory, the classic Buddha Pendant Necklace

Add a name to the face with Custom Picture Pendant With Text

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